School Group


The Museum offers a variety of school programs for ages ranging from Pre-K to 4th grade. These programs are designed to be fun, interactive, and meet the educational standards of the State of Illinois.


Pre-K - 1st Grade 90 minutes

Little Pioneers

Visit our historic buildings and participate in period chores and games, students will compare their lives to children in the 19th century.


2nd - 4th Grade 90 minutes

Growing Up in the 19th Century

Visit our historic buildings and participate in 19th century chores and activities, students will compare their lives to those of children that grew up in Lisle. Focus will be on the reasons for migration and the pioneer lifestyle.

Additional activities that can be added to group programs include the following:

Learn all about the importance of smithing in Lisle and the towns like it. Your students will learn how blacksmiths shape metal into practical tools and beautiful works of art. Our blacksmiths will also explain the complicated science and art that is metal working, and how vital craft workers were to the development of Lisle.


See the ingenious technology used to turn wood into bedposts, bowls, and even toys! Our wood turners will walk you through the history of the lathe and other tools, explaining how each technological evolution allowed craft workers to shape intricate and practical woodwork.

Beehive Oven Baking

Experience the Summer Kitchen of the Netzley/Yender Farmhouse in this interactive and engaging demonstration of 19th century life. Our docents will explain how the Netzleys and Yenders used the kitchen for over a century to cook, bake, and preserve their food. This multi-sensory experience provides students with a tangible connection to the past.


There are no additional fees assessed for schools, groups and organizations located within Lisle.
For schools, groups and organizations located outside of Lisle:
Type of Tour 20 Visitors or Less 21-49 Visitors 50-99 Visitors 100-120 Visitors Additional Activities
Guided Group Tour Free $50 $150 $300 + $15 / activity