50th Anniversary of the Paramedic & EMS Programs

The Lisle Heritage Society Presents:

50th Anniversary of the Paramedic & EMS Programs

Paul Ciolino will be discussing the 50th Anniversary of the Paramedic and EMS programs that have heroically served our country as well as the rest of western society since December of 1973. Prior to that time, there was no such thing as ambulances, EMTs or Paramedics. If you were in a bad vehicle accident, had a cardiac event, or were severely injured on your job, your chances of survival were left to luck and God. My talk will center around Dr. Stanley M. Zydlo, Jr. and his creation of the first EMS program in the entire world. Zydlo at the time was the Chief of Emergency Room Medicine at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, IL. Chicago born and bred, Zydlo was perhaps as important as Jonas Salk and other medical pioneers. He is arguably responsible for the saving of hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives world wide. You will hear about how the entire medical profession fought for this program from the beginning and Zydlo’s struggle to overcome these incredibly short-sighted but powerful groups. This story is perhaps the greatest story you have never heard. We hope that you, your family and friends can attend.

Thursday, March 23

Lisle Recreation Center
1925 Ohio Street, Lisle
All Ages Welcome
Free Event
RSVP By: March 23 by 2pm
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Cathy Cawiezel

Lisle Heritage Society President